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Regards de France

15 September - 15 October  2022

The exhibition reunites many French artists based in the UAE, for an exceptional event at the Sofitel DownTown Dubai.


Beyond the city - chapter one

Immersive experience, Dubai

A unique immersive experience, where art meets the digital world. 10 artists showcase their artworks, enlightened by the technology and professionalism of Kanvas.

 I was honored to be a guest at this exhibition, organized by the collective “Féminin Pluriel”, 8 talented women, French speaking artists living in Dubai: Agnès Sheikh, Alexandra Raynaud, Alison Ladegaillerie, Bénédicte Joland-Chazelle, Bénédicte Leymonerie, Bianca Dolman, Clémence Powney, and Valérie Schmitt-Manouvrier, with Karine Roche as guest as well.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions

The British International School Abu Dhabi

I had a table during the National Day event organized by The British International School of Abu Dhabi, on November 29th 2022.


Mangrove Village Festive market

I had a table at the Festive Market which took place in Magrove Village, Abu Dhabi, on December 10 th, 2022.

mangrove village 2022 christmas market 2.jpg
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